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From full cream to skim, we endeavour to deliver you quality milks that are pure, simple and delicious. Our fresh, long life and powdered milks are a household essential.


At Devondale our cheese makers use fresh milk to create a range of cheeses suitable for just about anything. Use it to make the best toastie, Mexican feast or eat it on its own — we won’t judge.


<span class='headline-span'>Salted</span>Butter


250g 500g 3x500g

<span class="headline-span">Unsalted</span>Butter


250g 500g 3x500g

Our premium quality Australian butter is made from the goodness of fresh dairy milk. Whether you’re spreading, baking or cooking there’s a Devondale butter to enhance the flavour at every occasion.


Made specially for whipping, pouring, baking or cooking. Perfect for travel, on-the-go and camping. A pantry staple so you won’t have to run out of cream again!