Whether it be drizzled or whipped, thickened cream is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert.


If you don’t have an electric mixer, whisk cream in a large, deep bowl. Always keep a close eye on the machine as there is a fine line between runny and overbeaten cream.

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If you have whipped cream in the fridge and need it a little softer or have overbeaten cream slightly, just add a little extra liquid cream and fold through until desired consistency.

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Make quick and easy filling or icings by adding flavourings such as melted chocolate, vanilla bean paste or lemon curd. For a decadent chocolate ganache, bring ½ cup cream to the boil. Pour over 300g chocolate of choice and stir until melted and smooth. Stand, stirring occasionally until ganache is of a spreadable consistency before icing over a cake.

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Leftover whipped cream? Simply fold through some cooled melted chocolate an now you have chocolate mousse!

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