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Regional NSW is home to a number of our Devondale farmers.

Click on a cow and meet the people whose farms produce our delicious Devondale products.


The Parrish family

Darren Parrish

Bodalla NSW

“Devondale is farmer owned so we own part of it and if your kids want to go into dairying then they can be part of it too.”


The Brown family

Vernon Brown

Wingham NSW

“I have been dairy farming my whole life and I am 55 years young. Our family farm has been handed down by the generations and has only ever been owned by my family.”


The Polson family

Emma Polson

Oxley Island NSW

“I want to be an inspiration to the next generation of Devondale Farmers like my grandfather and father were to me.”


The Hamilton family

Jamie Hamilton

Jamberoo NSW

“I’ve been a farmer for 20 years, I started diary farming at 16 years old and I’ve loved it ever since.”