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Dairy Serves

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that we include milks, yoghurts, cheeses and/or alternatives (mostly reduced fat) every day as part of a balanced diet. 

Eating at least 2 and a half serves of dairy is recommended for Australian adults, while the recommended food group intakes for children and adolescents depend on age and sex.

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Devondale offer a wide variety of dairy options to suit everyone including regular, reduced fat, low fat and skim varieties as well as calcium enriched products. 

Getting your dairy serves can be easy!

What is a serve?

One serve of dairy is equal to:

1 glass (250ml) of milk 
1 tub (200g) of yoghurt 
2 slices (40g) of cheese

Tips to getting your dairy serves every day

Life gets busy, so here are some quick and healthy ways to help you meet your recommended dairy serves.

- Add milk powder or grated cheese to mashed potato, stews or casseroles.
- Add grated cheese to scrambled egg.
- Serve vegetables with a cheese sauce.
- Add an extra slice of cheese to sandwiches.
- For dessert try custards or other milk puddings.
- As well as an excellent ready-to-eat snack, yoghurt can be used as a low fat salad dressing and is delicious with savoury flavourings such as mint and garlic.
- Enjoy a hot or cold milk drink between meals, such as a hot chocolate, iced coffee, milkshakes or smoothies made with yoghurt.

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