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Dairy Goodness

Ah, dairy. Dairy foods pack in over 10 essential nutrients with a great range of benefits. These nutrients are pretty important. For example, we all know that calcium is important for strong bones and teeth!


Nutrient Function
Vitamin A Essential for healthy eye sight
Important for growth (particularly in children)
Vitamin B12 Helps to keep blood healthy
Assists in the formation of nerve cells
Riboflavin Helps release energy from food
Helps cells to function properly
Calcium Essential for strong bones and teeth
Needed for normal muscle and nerve functioning, and may assist in controlling blood pressure
Potassium Assists with blood pressure control
Important for nerve impulse transmission
Magnesium Important component in bone structure
Essential for energy transfer around the body
Zinc Aids wound healing
Essential for normal growth and development in bones, the brain and many other parts of the body
Phosphorus Forms an important part of the mineral structure in bones and teeth
Works with B vitamins to release energy from food
Carbohydrate Provides energy for the body
Protein Needed for growth and development as well as repair to damaged body tissues
Forms part of many enzymes and blood components, and is essential for maintaining muscles


Source: Dairy Australia

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